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jolanda kerpel

Fox on the Lookout

Fox on the Lookout


Come celebrate purely pencil


How kind of you to drop by. My name is Jolanda Kerpel and I work Purely in Pencil.

My earliest memory of drawing was when I was 5 years old. My uncle was carring for a little capuchin monkey. And every time I visited the pencils were waiting for me and so was this beautiful little girl. She and I used to draw together for hours, or so it seemed.
Now I still love to draw with pencils. And in all of my drawings the most important thing is personality. The most wonderful moment when drawing
is when the animal (or person) start to come alive on the paper.
So please visit my galleries and see for yourself.

Portraits Beautifully Made

JK20190905-0608-botanical-pine cone-pencil drawing-small.png